17 Aug - 18 Aug 2017

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Our Exhibitors

Partners list A-Z

ACCT Exhibitors http://acct.co.tz/
Action Glass and Aluminum Exhibitors www.dsmglass.co.tz
Adamas Conglomerate Ltd Exhibitors adamasgroup.com
Asar Ltd Exhibitors http://asar.co.tz/
ATL GROUP Exhibitors http://www.atlgroup.co.nz/
Berger Paints Exhibitors https://www.bergerpaints.com/
Buzon South Africa Exhibitors http://www.buzonsa.co.za/
Comsec ltd Exhibitors https://comsec.co.tz/
Construction Computer Exhibitors http://constructioncomputersoftware.com/
Contractors Registration Board Exhibitors http://www.crb.go.tz/
Contractors Registration Board Exhibitors www.crb.go.tz/
CR Exhibitors
Cumii Exhibitors http://www.cumii.net/
DAHUA Exhibitors http://www.dahuasecurity.com/
Dar Glass work Exhibitors http://www.dsmglass.co.tz/
Dolson Interiors Exhibitors http://www.dolsoninteriors.com/
Energy Gold Exhibitors
Furniture & Carpert world Exhibitors
Furniture Center (DSM) Limited Exhibitors
Geared Consulting Eng. Ltd Exhibitors
Gemin Engineering and Construction Ltd Exhibitors
GF trucks Exhibitors http://www.gftrucks.com/
Global Magazine Exhibitors
High Hue Furniture Exhibitors http://highhue.com/
idecor Ltd Exhibitors www.idecor.co.tz/
ImpactAfya Ltd Exhibitors http://www.impactafya.com/
Juxin Building Materials Co.LTD Exhibitors
KAMAKA Exhibitors http://kamaka-tz.com/
Mahindra Tanzania Exhibitors http://www.mahindra-tanzania.co.tz/
Mar Kim Exhibitors http://markimuniplast.com/
Mega World Buildes Exhibitors http://megaworldbuilders.com/
Merry Water Exhibitors http://merrywater.co.tz/
Ministry of Construction and Infrastruct Exhibitors mwtc.go.tz/
Nabaki Africa Exhibitors http://www.nabaki.com/
National Construction Review Exhibitors http://www.ncc.or.tz/
Nile Machinery Exhibitors
Oppein Exhibitors http://www.oppeinhome.com/
PM GROUP (T) LIMITED Exhibitors http://www.pmgroup.co.tz/
Prime Location Exhibitors http://www.primelocationtz.com/
Project One Exhibitors https://projectone.com/
Sadolin Paints(T) Ltd Exhibitors http://www.sadolintz.com/
SAZUNA International Limited Exhibitors http://sazuna.net/
Sign Industries Limited Exhibitors http://www.signindustries.co.tz/
SKYMARK PLAZA LIMITED Exhibitors http://skymark.co.tz/
Software Vella Tanzania Exhibitors velasoftwaregroup.com
Spanistiles Exhibitors http://spanishtiles.co.tz/aboutus.htm
Technotion Limited Exhibitors http://www.technotion.co.tz/
The Architects and Quantity Surveyors Re Exhibitors http://www.aqrb.go.tz/
The office furniture Exhibitors
TLR Ashley Furniture Exhibitors
TLR Electric Exhibitors http://tlrelectric.com/
Trade Concept Tanzania Ltd Exhibitors http://www.tradeconcept.org/en/contact.php?c=parts
Trans Africa Water Exhibitors http://www.transafricawater.com/
TRELLIDOR Exhibitors https://www.trellidor.com/en-tz/
UFUDU Tanzania Exhibitors http://www.ufudu.com/