27 Sep. - 29 Sep. 2018

Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Why Should you attend?

DAR HOME & CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCE AND TRADE EXPO 2017 offers a unique opportunity to gather with those who face similar challenges in your industry. This conference is designed to provide a forum for examining the latest trends, sharing experiences and solutions, reviewing legislative and regulatory changes and considering the most effective strategies for delivering benefits to participants in the construction industry.

The conference/exhibition will also provide a platform to improve the capacity and competitiveness of the local construction enterprises (contractors, consultants and informal sector) through knowledge sharing and access to information from the stakeholders, to promote application of cost effective and innovative technologies and practices to support socio-economic development activities such as road works, water supply, sanitation, shelter delivery and income generating activities, to ensure application of practices, technologies and products which are not harmful to both the environment and human health and improve co-ordination, collaboration and performance of the institutions supporting the development and performance of the construction industry.